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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Dec 24, 2018

#168: You can do anything, but not everything ... and definitely not everything at the same time.

How can you optimize your time and energy? How do you choose what's worthwhile and what's a waste of time?

How can you eliminate small decisions so that your mind is free to focus on the few choices that make a massive 10x impact?

How can you spend less time struggling with your Inbox, and more time on long-term projects that can boost your income?

When inspiration strikes or new opportunities present themselves, how can you decide whether or not this new project is worth your time?

What's the difference between being efficient vs. being effective?

How can you eliminate distractions? Can you train yourself to pay attention to important tasks, rather than getting distracted by Facebook, email, television and other time-wasters? When is it okay to relax?

And what are the keys to a great morning routine?

In today's episode, productivity expert Mike Vardy describes his answers to these questions.

Here are five of the nine takeaways from today's episode:

1) Eliminate decisions. Don't waste your time and energy deciding what to work on; create a system that makes this decision for you in advance, and review that system periodically. Your decisions, therefore, are focused on the system, not the daily tasks inside of it.

2) Create boundaries, so that you know your limits, and also don't be afraid to break them. Boundaries are a guidepost, not a strict law.

3) Rather than setting New Years Resolutions, choose three words that will be the "theme" of your year. These words will be the values that guide your decisions throughout the year, helping you identify what projects to undertake and which ones to defer or decline.

4) Time-management tactics are really meant to be a compass. The purpose of "productivity hacks" is not tactical task-management; it's strategic decision-making.

5) Productivity is not about getting things done. It's about aligning your attention with your intentions.


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