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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Apr 28, 2021

#313: Do you know the unspoken rules about how to get ahead in your workplace or industry (and as a result, how to earn more)?

Unspoken rules, and the corresponding social norms, create a major impact in how we’re perceived in the workplace -- and therefore how often we’re promoted.

But these rules are rarely...

Apr 19, 2021

#312: After paying basic living expenses and maxing out their 401k’s and Roth IRAs, Caroline and her partner have $4,000 - $5,000 left each month. Where should they put this money if their goal is to simply have their money work harder for them?

Sanjay is torn between selling his townhome or renting it out. The rental...

Apr 12, 2021

#311: Do you find yourself overthinking and getting stuck in unproductive thought loops?

According to a study commissioned by today’s guest, 99.5 percent of 10,000 people said they overthink. Chances are, you can relate.

That guest is Jon Acuff -- a New York Times bestselling author who loves to nerd out about goals....

Apr 7, 2021

#310: Greta is tired of financial modesty. She wants to achieve financial independence through diversified income streams, and has her eyes set on owning local duplexes. What should she focus on to make this happen? 
Jeannie wants to know: when should you scale back 401k contributions so you can invest in something...

Apr 3, 2021

#309: Are we in a housing bubble?

Are we going to see a repeat of 2006 all over again?

Are there any good investment deals to be found right now?

These are the questions playing on many people's minds, and we seek to explore the answers in today's First Friday bonus episode.

We start by exploring some of the forces that...