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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

May 27, 2019

#195: Alex makes $168,000 per year, combined between her full-time job and her side hustle. Her company pays for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the work week, plus a cell phone subsidy, health, dental and vision insurance, a gym membership, and commuting costs. She also househacks, so her living expenses are only...

May 20, 2019

#194: Fear shows up in our lives in countless ways.

Sometimes, fear takes the form of procrastination. We're afraid of botching something, or we don't like the feeling of anxiety that a project gives us, so we avoid it, dodge it, and indefinitely put it off.

Other times, fear takes the form of perfectionism...

May 13, 2019

#193: Lori is behind on retirement savings, as a result of being a full-time student for more than a decade. She makes good money and lives frugally, but she’s aware that she’s behind for her age. What should she do?

Sierra wonders whether she should apply her savings towards paying off her mortgage or building...

May 6, 2019

#192: “Don’t buy lattes.”

This classic snippet of personal finance advice isn’t specifically anti-Starbucks. “Lattes” are a metaphor for the tiny expenses that leak money from our pockets, often without us realizing how much we’re spending.

Your “latte” could be a pile of subscriptions: HBONow,...

May 3, 2019

#191: Should Russell rent a cheap apartment, or should he take out a loan for an RV in order to save money on rent?

Carl is working two jobs that each pay $12 per hour. He has $5,000 in student loans. What can he do to improve his situation?

Caroline is about to finish paying off her student loans, and in the next few...