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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Jul 25, 2016

#35: Carrie Smith enjoyed her full-time accounting job, but she wanted to make extra money on the side. Who doesn't, right?

She landed a second job in a tax office, working 9-to-5 for one employer and 5-to-9 for the other.

She earned decent money, but her schedule had no flexibility ... and she felt unhappy. 


Jul 18, 2016

#34: Steve Chou's wife used to work grueling hours at a job she dreaded and despised. When she became pregnant with their first child, she decided to quit. 

The problem? She earned six figures, and their family needed that income. 

She opened an online store, buying handkerchiefs wholesale from China and retailing...

Jul 11, 2016

#33: After serving in the Navy for 20 years, Doug Nordman, then-age 41, retired from his military career. Most of his peers started second careers in the civilian world. 
But Doug didn't. He had an ace up his sleeve: he had spent his military career saving 40 percent of his income. By the time he turned 41, he held an...

Jul 4, 2016

#32: Should you sell your stocks, given that we might be heading for a possible downturn? Also, what are the downsides of index funds? Should you invest in out-of-state rental properties, and if so, how can you figure out where to look? These are just a few of the many questions Paula answers in this week's Q&A...