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Oct 22, 2018

#157: We're back with another Ask Paula - Real Estate Edition of the show!

In this episode, we cover down payments, cash flow, investing in condo hotels, building a rental on the side of your own house, selling your properties, and whether it's better to buy actual properties or REITs.

Erin asks:
Would you ever put 30% down (or more) in order to make a rental property cash flow positive?

Avy asks:
In 4-5 years, I'd like to have a rental property for diversification and passive income. Is it better to stick with the plan to buy rentals, or should I go into REITs?

Additionally, if I want to invest in rentals, where should I look?

Rod asks:
Could you tell me if investing in condo hotels as a rental property is a good idea? I'm 10 years away from retirement, and I was thinking of buying one in Las Vegas, since I plan to move there when I retire.

Being a traditional landlord doesn't appeal to me - I don't want to deal with the hassle of bad tenants or repairs when I'm retired. I'm hoping a condo hotel might be a way for me to get income from a rental property without all the hassle. What are the pros and cons I should consider?

Tom asks:
I want to build a small two-bedroom house on the side of my personal residence (located in Texas) to use as a rental. What advice can you offer to help me execute this plan?

Sandra asks:
I live in California, and 5 years ago I purchased 3 properties free-and-clear in Memphis, TN. While they’ve been working great for me, I think they have much more potential, but I’m no longer interested in managing them, or my property managers. It’s too much for me as I changed careers; I’m now going in a much different direction. All I want is to cash out and invest that money into my new business, as that’s more fulfilling to me.

I know to sell them cash is the first choice but investors are in the game of low-balling - way too low. Selling retail is an option, but it’ll take longer, and I don’t know if the market is in my favor. Seller financing drags things out, and lease options are not great for me, so I’m interested in your feedback.