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Feb 26, 2018

#118: Questions -- I get questions! Today, I’m tackling four queries about real estate investing that come from the audience. Here are the details:

Sam says:
I work full-time and I’m not handy, so I definitely need a property manager. I’ve found an amazing property management company, but they only serve a small, specific neighborhood. Should I buy a property in this neighborhood so that I can use this fantastic property management company?

Terri asks:
I’ve heard that if you’re above a certain income level, you’re unable to carry-over losses from your income property. My accountant says it doesn’t make sense to buy a rental property if you can’t carry-over losses. Is this true?

Anonymous asks:
I’d like to buy my first rental property when I’m in graduate school. I’ll live in one room and rent out the other. What should I consider?

Noelle says:
We’d like to sell our home, and use the proceeds to pay cash for a foreclosure in the South. How do we find a foreclosure or short sale?

We cover these questions in today’s episode. Enjoy!


Resources Mentioned:
Amazon - nolo every landlord's tax deduction guide