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Dec 5, 2016

#54: It's the first Monday of the month, which means I'm fielding questions from the audience.

We start with a question from Nicole.

She's a new listener, and she's stuck in a confusing situation.

You see, Nicole is self-employed. She'd like to save a percentage of her income -- but she doesn't get regular paychecks. How can she automate her savings, when she doesn't know how much she'll make each month?

She asks a second question, as well.

Nicole has $15,000 in savings and wants to buy her first rental property. However, she's intimidated by the unknown market. What should her first steps be?

Next, we move to a question from podcast listener David. Should he invest his emergency fund?

David is contemplating putting his emergency savings in the Vanguard Immediate-Term Investment Grade Fund (VFICX). Is this a good idea?

Saul, another podcast listener interested in real estate investing, recently sold his home and has a decent chunk of change. Should he buy a 3 bed / 2 bath townhome with a small commercial space on the first floor? Or should he buy a duplex?

Podcast listener Albert is wondering: should he buy a home for himself, and rent it out a few years later? He'd like to travel and work remotely. What are the downsides to this idea? It can't be that easy ... right?

Finally, Abbey started a personal finance blog, and wants to know:

    When should she start promoting her blog?
    How much content should she write?
    Does she have to share her blog with her friends and family, or can she stay anonymous?
    Should she write about other things besides money and travel?

I tackle these questions in this month's edition of Ask Paula.


-- Paula

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