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Feb 17, 2020

#242: Ash Ambirge grew up in a trailer park in Pennsylvania. She never met her father. Her disabled mother, who raised her on government assistance, passed away when she was 20.

Her childhood goal? To join the middle class. She dreamed of becoming one of those people who eats lemon pepper chicken. What’s more middle-class than that? 

She attended college on a full scholarship. When she graduated and accepted her first cushy office job, earning $30,000 per year, she blew her paychecks. She bought a brand-new car, rented a luxury apartment and financed a $5,000 mattress. Yet despite her material luxury, she felt that some important element was lacking.

In her quest to find meaningful and creative work, she launched The Middle Finger Project, a company that teaches skills like entrepreneurship, battling perfectionism, and trusting your most dangerous ideas. 

She joins us on today’s podcast episode to share her incredible story about struggling to join the middle class, shrugging off a conventional career, and trusting her most dangerous ideas.

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