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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Nov 25, 2019

#227: Lien is taking a year off of work to live the van life with her husband. She wants to know how she can make the most of this sabbatical to figure out how to turn her less-than-inspiring career into a lifestyle that she loves.

Lien called in again to say that she wants to start a new business and a family when she...

Nov 18, 2019

#226: Feeling time-crunched? Today’s episode is for you.

Today’s episode features productivity expert John Zeratsky, who shares specific, action-packed time management strategies, with a focus on email management. If the term inbox zero sounds laughable, these strategies are up your alley.

John’s interest in...

Nov 11, 2019

#225: Lauren is 26 and earns $48,000 per year after taxes.

She saves $12,000 annually in retirement accounts, and an additional $18,000 per year for a downpayment on a home.

She wants to buy a home in the next five years. Where should she keep her savings in the meantime?

Sawyer has a five-year financial independence...

Nov 4, 2019

#224: Scott Young, author of Wall Street Journal best-selling book Ultralearning, talks about the 9 principles of Ultralearning, which can help you learn new skills, reinvent yourself, stay relevant, and adapt to whatever life throws at you. If you think you know the best way to learn something, think again. This...

Nov 1, 2019

#223: Elizabeth is curious to know: what does a good net worth breakdown look like? Is it appropriate to have a lot of your net worth tied up in real estate?

Marie wants to start her own business, but she’s living paycheck-to-paycheck. Is incurring debt her only option to make this dream a reality?

Bria wants to take...