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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Dec 10, 2018

Michelle Singletary learned everything she knows about money from her grandmother.

Well, okay, I shouldn't say "everything" that she knows. After all, Michelle also has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. She writes about personal finance for the Washington Post. Her nationally-syndicated personal finance column, The...

Dec 7, 2018

Should Kim, an entrepreneur, invest in index funds or rental properties?

Should Nick, an MBA student, househack into a more-expensive home with stronger cash flow, or a cheaper home with more budgetary wiggle room?

Should Kelly, who is getting married soon, sell her current home and use the proceeds to buy...

Dec 3, 2018

Bob Lotich joins us on the Afford Anything podcast to discuss why and how he took a mini-retirement, and to offer advice to anyone (whether traditionally employed or self-employed) who might want to do the same.

For more information, visit the show notes at

Nov 26, 2018

Does my employer match count against my 401k contribution limits?

Should I invest in a Traditional or Roth TSP?

Should I invest more aggressively in stocks right now, or should I hold cash and bonds until the next downturn?

Should I get a mortgage or keep renting until I can buy a home in cash?

Do you think index...

Nov 19, 2018

How will artificial intelligence, AI, impact jobs? Former Harvard president and leading economist Larry Summers predicts that one-third of men will be out of work by 2050. Finance guru Suze Orman says not to be surprised if we see 25 percent unemployment by 2030. And major research institutions predict anywhere from...