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Mar 9, 2020

#246: At 19 years old, after completing her first year of college, Jillian married her husband. 

During their first year of marriage, they lived in a camper and earned a combined salary of $12,000.

One year later, Jillian's husband graduated college and joined the military. They relocated to Washington D.C., where they earned a combined $60,000 per year. They saved half of their income and used that savings to chip away at $55,000 of debt.

At 22 years old, Jillian and her husband adopted a son.

Not long after that, they had a biological newborn.

At 24 years old, they accumulated their first $100,000.

Jillian and her husband remained committed to saving half of their income. This allowed them to buy a house in cash, invest in two rental properties, and invest in index funds.

At 32 years old, Jillian and her husband achieved financial independence. All on a modest five-figure income. 

How did Jillian and her husband live on $12,000 per year? How did they save $100,000 after three years on a $60,000 per year salary? What sacrifices did they make? And how did they transition from saving to spending? Find out in this raw, emotional interview.


You'll enjoy this episode if:

  • You earn less than six-figures and question your ability to reach financial independence
  • Guilt prevents you from spending the money you’ve saved (“I can’t spend on X if I want to achieve FIRE!”)
  • You want a relatable, realistic take on the journey to financial independence

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