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Feb 10, 2016

#10: OMG! It's Tom Corley, the RICH HABITS guy!

Jay is having a heart attack. Tom Corley studied self-made millionaires and poor people to come up with some interesting results. He wrote about it in a story called "Rich Habits".

Tom shares his story of being well off as a child before his dad lost everything. Then he worked hard to bring himself up to not-broke status and on to becoming an accountant.

After studying some of his clients he expanded to 233 self-made millionaires and 150 poor people. The results of those studies were very telling - but nobody really cared about it.

Then he got a break when Farnoosh Torabi did a segment about the Rich Habits on Yahoo Finance. The rest is history in the making.

Watch for Tom Corley's new book - Change Your Habits, Change Your Life - which gives more of the "how to" rich habit change. You can find it at

For links to some of Jay's favorite Tom Corley articles, visit