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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Dec 31, 2019

#233: Deepak is considering downsizing his family’s home, but wants to know if the savings are worth the transaction costs he’ll have to pay.

Anonymous and her husband hold $900,000 worth of privately-owned company stock. How should they plan for handling this money?

Shelby is 25 years old and works for a company that awarded her restricted stock units. What should she do with these? Additionally, she traded in a 2013 Prius for a 2018 Subaru, for which she now owes $19,000. Should she sell it for a used vehicle or stick it out?

Katelyn is interested in learning more about annuities. What should she know in order to make an informed decision?

Max FI and his wife want to retire in 12 years. How should they invest to achieve this?

Anonymous’s former employer offered a Roth and Traditional 401k, and his new employer only offers a Traditional option. How should he rollover his former Roth 401k?

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