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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Jan 8, 2018

#111: Tanja Hester and Mark Bunge used to have demanding but fulfilling careers as political and social cause consultants.

While they loved the mission behind their work, they grew tired of the exhausting hours and grueling travel. Their home felt like a weekend crash pad. They had no time or energy to pursue outside passions like skiing, biking and volunteering.

Six years ago, they read a book that changed the course of their lives.

The book, How to Retire Early, set the couple on the path of financial independence. They moved from pricey Los Angeles to the more affordable North Lake Tahoe. They started automatically saving and investing huge chunks of their paycheck. They crafted detailed spreadsheets, plotting precisely how much they'd need to save before they could comfortably quit their jobs.

Today, Tanja and Mark are newly-retired ... at the ages of 38 and 41.

How did they progress towards early retirement so quickly? And what lessons would they share with anyone else who wants to escape the 9-to-5 grind?

Find out in today's episode.


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