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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Sep 28, 2016

#44: When Leslie Samuel immigrated to the U.S. at age 17, he hoped for the American Dream: an education, a secure job, and a traditional career path.

But during his college years, Leslie realized he had an entrepreneurial streak. He made a few attempts at working for himself.

He failed.

He lost money that he'd set aside for his wedding. He tried investing in the stock market. He lost more money, savings that he'd set aside to pay his tuition.

But he didn't quit.

Leslie graduated, married, and accepted a job as a high school science teacher.

He felt happy and secure. Yet his entrepreneurial itch persisted. He started building an online business in his spare time. 

Leslie began earning an extra $14,000 per year on the side, a nice supplement to his income. A few years later, Leslie landed his dream job as a university professor. He loved his work. He earned a solid income.

His wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Everything seemed perfect. But his entrepreneurial calling persisted.

Ultimately, Leslie made the difficult decision to quit his dream job in order to become a full-time online entrepreneur.

In this episode, he shares why he made this tough choice – and how he handled the fear and doubts that blocked the way.