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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Sep 5, 2016

#41: Mollie, a listener, is making smart money moves.

She's getting the maximum match on 403b contributions. She's saving for a downpayment on a home. Her husband opened a Roth IRA.

What's next?

After listening to the Jim Collins episode, Mollie wants to open a Vanguard account. How can she balance this with the rest of her saving and investing goals? Is she spreading herself too thin?

Meanwhile, podcast listener Elizabeth is trying a little-known tactic to rebalance her portfolio.

Traditional advice tells people to rebalance by selling their gains. But Elizabeth wants to let those gains ride. She'd prefer to rebalance by buying undervalued assets.

Are their hidden dangers to her strategy?

Finally, podcast listener Chris wants to remodel his basement. He's an aspiring Airbnb host who'd like to make extra cash by renting out part of his home. How much money should he spend on his basement remodel? Are there any good rules-of-thumb?

I tackle these three questions in today's Ask Paula episode.