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Jul 11, 2016

#33: After serving in the Navy for 20 years, Doug Nordman, then-age 41, retired from his military career. Most of his peers started second careers in the civilian world. 
But Doug didn't. He had an ace up his sleeve: he had spent his military career saving 40 percent of his income. By the time he turned 41, he held an investment portfolio worth $1 million. Those investments, coupled with a Naval pension for $30,000 per year, propelled him into financial independence.
He's remained retired since leaving the Navy. He's now 55. He surfs three times a week. He travels to Europe on a whim. His retirement portfolio survived two recessions and is now worth $1.7 million.  
In this interview, Doug shares the story of how he became a millionaire on a military salary. He also talks about the fulfillment he's found through financial independence.