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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Jun 27, 2016

#31: Jim Collins, also known as popular blogger JL Collins, has been financially independent since 1989. He achieved this in the simplest way possible: he saved half of his income and invested in index funds.

Jim says the simplest possible approach is the best, if your goal is to build financial freedom. "The great irony of investing is the simpler of an approach you use, the more powerful of results you get."

In this episode, he shares his ultra-simple approach to investing. He says that when you prioritize simplicity, above all else, you can ignore your investments and move on with your life:

"Most people don't want to think about this stuff all the time. Most people want to get on with curing diseases and building bridges and writing peace treaties. But the smart ones know they have to have some kind of handle on their money."

Check out Jim's ultra-simple path to wealth in this week's episode.