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Jun 20, 2016

#30: When Jim Wang was 29-and-a-half, life changed forever.

Jim started an online company (a blog) in his mid-20's.

His website grew to several hundred thousand readers and started earning five-figure monthly sums.

It sounds too good to be true. I know. But it's Jim's life.

He experienced the heady, surreal boom; that crazy era when a business grows beyond wildest expectation. He experienced the fear and worry that the good days might not last. And he experienced the reality of trading his website for a life-changing seven-figure sum.

And then what?

What happens when you're 29-and-a-half, and you suddenly discover that you're financially independent? What's next?

Where do you go from there? What becomes important? And what lessons, what universal truths, can this reveal about our own lives?

What can we learn from the aftermath of financial independence -- regardless of our current bank balance?

Jim and I have a frank, forthright and insightful conversation on today's show. It's a long episode, but a good one.

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