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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Apr 7, 2021

#310: Greta is tired of financial modesty. She wants to achieve financial independence through diversified income streams, and has her eyes set on owning local duplexes. What should she focus on to make this happen? 
Jeannie wants to know: when should you scale back 401k contributions so you can invest in something else, like real estate?

Steph and her husband came into $25,000 and aren’t sure what to do with it. Should they pay off their student loans, save it towards a house and starting a family, or purchase her company stock options?

J from California is curious: how do you strike a balance between optimization and simplicity in your financial plan? 

Dawn has $65,000 in a 403b through Ameriprise and the fees associated with it are outrageous. Should she take the money out and put it elsewhere, or leave it? 

My friend and former financial planner, Joe Saul-Sehy, joins me to answer these five questions. Enjoy!

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