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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

May 25, 2021

#318: Joe is a new real estate agent and he’s looking for ways to save. Is opening a SEP IRA a good account when you’re no longer a W2 employee?

Grace has a similar concern: she’s a tutor, but she’s paid as a contractor. Should she forget about her Vanguard brokerage account and open a SEP IRA or Solo 401k?

Kim is newly divorced and celebrating the freedom to make her own financial decisions. She’s struggling to make a living -- also as a new realtor -- and wants to get started with real estate...but how can she do that on limited funds?

Kim also wants to know: should she move her funds from an actively managed Fidelity IRA to a Vanguard Roth IRA?

Chaz is 22 and has $2,100 - $2,500 left each month to put toward savings. Where should he keep this money if he’d like to move out-of-state in the near future?

Anonymous just got a raise, and while awesome, it might push her income to a level that prohibits her from making full Roth IRA contributions. Should she make a partial contribution this year, or start adding money to a Traditional IRA to do a backdoor conversion?

My friend and former financial planner, Joe Saul-Sehy, joins me to tackle these questions. Let’s dive in!

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