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Mar 17, 2021

#306: Jake and his wife want to retire in five years, at which point they’ll have 14 years before they can access their 401k funds. To help bridge that gap, Jake wants to know: what should their asset allocation look like for their taxable brokerage account?

This year, Kim’s employer enrolled all employees into a “fully funded indemnity program combined with a nationwide direct primary care membership.” What the heck is this program, and how might it impact Kim’s finances?

Burnt Out in Boston is switching their focus from financial independence to taking a mini-retirement. How can they financially and mentally prepare for this leap?

Matthew is torn: should he and his wife -- both 26 -- max out their Roth IRAs and then save up for a rental property, or simply save cash for the rental and worry about their Roth later?

Finally, Deva and her husband are fed up with their messy tenants. They’re kind and responsible, but they’ve left the yard a mess. They have a clause in the lease that addresses this, so beyond that, what can they do?

My friend and former financial planner, Joe Saul-Sehy, joins me to answer these questions on today’s show.

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