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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Nov 12, 2018

#161: Matt is interested in achieving financial independence, and he wants to encourage his friends to pursue the same goal. What podcast episodes provide a light, digestible introduction to the world of financial independence and retiring early?

Daniel wonders why everyone pursuing financial independence seems to have a blog or podcast about this topic. Is the purpose of FIRE to sit around writing and talking about how you’re FIRE? If so, then what’s the point?

Tom is an entrepreneur with an LLC in California. Should he buy a rental property through that LLC?

Anonymous from California wants to know how I decide whether to use a property manager vs. self-manage my rental properties. She also wants to know how to estimate the cost of repairs and maintenance. And how should the tax benefits of rental properties play a role in choosing a property?

Brett owns a rental property in Las Vegas, which used to be his primary residence. He’s getting a strong cap rate but a marginal return on equity. Should he hold the property in the hopes that it will rise in value? Or should he sell the property?

Anonymous is an Indian citizen who lives in California on an H1-B visa. There’s a chance that his visa won’t be renewed, which means he’ll need to move back to India. What should he do with his rental properties? Can he manage his properties from another country? If so, should he purchase more?

I answer these six questions in today’s episode. Enjoy!

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