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Sep 7, 2018

#149: Welcome to the September 2018 First Friday bonus episode!

We recorded this episode at Camp FI, which stands for Camp Financial Independence. It's a gathering of people who are pursuing financial independence; we spend a few days eating, drinking, and having late-night poolside conversations about money. There are several Camp FI's throughout the year; I recorded this bonus episode 
at the Camp FI at Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California in early August. 
I invited several of the people at Camp FI to come to the microphone and share one thing: “Tell me a story about something you did that scared you."
Justin shared a story about getting invited by a corporate sponsor to take part in a mountainous 75-mile cycling ride, despite the fact that he wasn't trained or ready. Tim told the story of the first time he met his future father-in-law, and, to phrase it mildly, the meeting didn't go well. GingerFI shared a story about something she ate while traveling that ... well, I won't give away the ending, but let's just say that it's something she'll never forget. 
Anna described moving from New Zealand to the U.S. to attend school, while Johanna talked about getting laid off from work and deciding to use her newfound joblessness as an opportunity to road trip from Maryland to Los Angeles. Jennifer described the resilience she discovered after surviving a disability, layoff and divorce. Wakefield talked about investing in real estate before he felt ready, and Vickie shared a childhood story of overcoming the intimidation she felt when she wanted to meet someone.   

Listen to hear the stories they shared, and the life lessons they learned along the way.


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