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Jun 25, 2018

#136: Rich Carey is a military millionaire. He's spent his career in the U.S. Air Force; he's currently stationed in Seoul, South Korea. He was stationed in Germany before this. He'll retire after this.

Most of his fellow servicemembers, upon taking a military retirement, start a second career. But Rich doesn't need to. He's financially independent, thanks to his 20 rental properties.

He bought most of these properties while stationed overseas. He's renovated them from afar. And he's bought everything with cash.

To say his story is impressive is an understatement.

Every week, I get emails and messages from readers who say things like:

*"I'd like to buy a rental property, but everything in my city is expensive!"*

*"I'd like to buy a rental property, but I'm not handy. I can't do any of the work myself."*

*"I'd like to buy a rental property, but I only make a middle-class income."*

*"I'd like to buy a rental property, but we're a one-income household."*

*"I'd like to buy a rental property, but we have two kids, and they're expensive."*

Rich's story illustrates how someone with a middle-class income can invest in rental properties from out-of-state.

He earns a military salary. He lives in Korea. He's the sole breadwinner in his family. He supports a wife and two children.

He's definitely not taking 2 a.m. toilet-fixing phone calls. In fact, he hasn't even seen several of his properties.

As you'll hear in the interview, my friend Emma and I visited Montgomery, Alabama about a year ago. Rich's properties are located there.

During our visit, I sent Rich an email, saying "Hey, I'm in Montgomery!," and he replied with, "Cool, I just bought another house there! You're welcome to drive by and see it from the outside."

This means I've seen houses that he hasn't. *His* houses.


How did Rich start investing in rental properties? How did he grow a portfolio of 20 rentals?

How could he build this free-and-clear, without taking out any loans?

And how does he manage this from Germany and Korea?

Find out in this interview.


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