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Jan 22, 2018

#113: Natalie Sisson was tired of the corporate world. She wanted freedom, adventure and fulfillment.

In 2008, she quit her job and co-founded a tech company -- but soon she discovered that running a company felt a lot like having a day job.

Two years later, she quit her own company in order to truly strike out on her own.

Since 2010, Natalie has run an online business from her laptop while traveling the globe. She's visited 70 countries, living out of a suitcase while running a lucrative six-figure business.

She also owns investment real estate in Portugal and New Zealand.

In this interview, Natalie and I discuss:
- The four phases of entrepreneurship: The Dreamer, The Hustler, The Superhero and The Freedomist.
- Why Natalie transitioned from a steady paycheck to the financially volatile life of an entrepreneur.
- How Natalie coped when her bank account dwindled to her last $17.
- The major family crisis that reinforced why freedom and flexibility matter more than any job.
- How she bought a property in a foreign country.
- How she manages an Airbnb rental property from halfway around the world.
- Why a minimalist attitude towards possessions is crucial for a traveler and entrepreneur.


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