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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Nov 13, 2017

#103: On today’s show, I'm sharing this random smattering of lessons on money and life.

1) Simplify everything.

2) Risk = Probability x Magnitude.

3) Curate.

4) Never delay gratification.

5) Know your net worth, relative to your lifetime earnings.

6) Don't half-ass anything. (Whole-ass a few things.)

7) When you're not at work, don't be at work.

8) Yes, and.

9) Money can't make you happy, but a lack of money can make you unhappy.

10) Every conversation about money is really a conversation about values.

11) The less you try, the better.

12) Work with your nature, not against it.

13) The thing should be its own reward.

14) Practice radical self-reliance.

15) Achieve being through doing.

16) What is stated, happens.


I elaborate on each of these in today’s episode. In addition, I’m also sharing my mini-keynote from FinCon on the importance of authenticity and passion in online business.




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