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May 22, 2017

#78: Imagine that you're looking for a rental property. It's a warm Saturday afternoon, and you decide to cruise through a few open houses in the area.

Your autonomously-driving electric vehicle pulls into the driveway. Your wifi-enabled contact lenses automatically register the property's details: square footage, year of construction, sales history, tax assessment, price-to-rent ratio, average neighborhood occupancy rates, and multiple cap rate estimates. As you walk through the property, your contact lenses display the digital history of every item -- the furnace, dishwasher, windows -- keeping you up-to-date with the full installation and service history of every home component.

Welcome to the future of real estate investing.

What's looming on the horizon? How will technology -- including augmented reality and 3D printing -- affect the way we analyze and purchase rental properties?

I chat about this topic, and more, in today's podcast episode.

This week, I feature another Ask Paula episode, answering questions that this community has submitted. This week's theme is real estate, and I've invited Will to join me as we tackle your questions about rental investing.


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