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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

May 1, 2017

#75: In her early 40's, Jen lived in a converted garage, buried in credit card debt and scrounging for spare change. She was the type of person who'd join her friends at a restaurant for dinner , order nothing except tap water, and fill up on the complimentary bread basket. She used duct-tape to repair her shoes. Her "splurges" consisted of buying new windshield wipers.  

Despite her struggles, Jen believed that pursuing wealth was icky. She'd internalized negative social attitudes towards money, such as:

Money isn't important. People are.

Rich people are lucky / gross / shallow.

You can't make money doing [insert your-dream-here].

You have to attend a good college to make money.

Money is out of my reach.

It's lonely at the top.

Who has that kind of money?

He/she is only about the money.

Those negative attitudes, Jen says, were holding her back. So she created a more positive script -- such as "I'm good at making money," and "Money is a tool that helps me live my best life."

This attitude shift made all the difference.

In today's interview, Jen describes her journey from broke to badass, and she explains how everyone can become more of a maverick at making money.


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