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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Feb 27, 2017

#66: You know that rare moment when you meet someone with whom you connect *instantly*?

I felt that way when I met Emma Pattee, the 26-year-old millionaire and mini-real-estate-mogul who joins me on today's episode.

Emma and I share similar stories: we're both young female artists and entrepreneurs who figured out that wealth is a tool for creating the freedom that allows us to live on our own terms.

We both hustled harder than words can describe, living and breathing our commitment to breaking free from the trading-time-for-money cycle. We refused to accept the defaults that were handed to us. We viewed our investments as a way to create a more sustainable, meaningful life.

We rejected the limiting belief that a creative, meaningful life is somehow more 'pure' when it's lived in scarcity and deprivation. We embraced abundance. We asked "how can I create this?" We viewed every problem as inherently solve-able. We took responsibility for everything that crossed our paths.

Most critically, we decided that we weren't going to let any excuses hold us back.

We accepted radical responsibility for our own lives. We wouldn't allow ourselves to get trapped in a victim mindset, a comparison ("they-have-it-easier!") mindset, or an external-factors-are-holding-me-back mindset.

I rarely meet people who have committed to the inner work of internalizing these lessons. Emma is one of those rare people.

And that's why I'm excited to share our breakfast conversation with you.

I hope you enjoy this episode. And to paraphrase Seth Godin, more importantly, I hope this episode spurs you to take action.

Lots of love,