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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Nov 28, 2016

#53: This episode is a little different.

Instead of interviewing a guest, this podcast episode is a recording of a recent talk I gave in Equador.

The audience wanted to know more about the context surrounding the decisions I've made regarding business, investing, and money.

In other words, why I've only spent three years of my life in a 9-5 job, and why I've dedicated so much of my time to travel.

There is a lot of real estate talk as I take Q&A from the audience, but the idea behind releasing this talk is for you to see how any investment can help you design your life around your values.

Money and investments are just tools that you can use to craft a certain lifestyle.

Here are some of the highlights from the talk:
•    How I was introduced to the concept of freelancing, and how it helped me quit my job and buy real estate
•    My real estate investing strategy in a nutshell - buy what no one else wants to buy
•    The risk of being too excessive with renovations as an investor, and how I've managed renovations
•    How I use the One Percent Rule when running numbers on a property
•    My original goal for owning rental properties (and why I don't want 100's of units)
•    The surprise deal that came about because of my blog
•    The opportunity cost of investing in real estate instead of the stock market
•    Why the next rental won't be in Vegas (where I live)
•    Why I'm not in any hurry to buy another property
•    Why I would buy apartment complexes in cash if I had a billion dollars
•    The benefit of diversifying into a different city and how to do it
•    Retailers I recommend buying from when it comes to kitchen materials
•    Financing without W2 income
•    Why I'm against high-leverage
•    The other projects I'm working on (why my focus isn't on real estate investing right now)
•    "Pearls of wisdom" from traveling
•    My favorite travel destinations
•    Why I started a blog and my thoughts on monetizing
•    Real estate isn't a passion - it's a tool


-- Paula

Resources Mentioned:
•    Cash Flow Reports for Rental Properties
•    The course I'm working on - VIP List
•    HUD Home Store

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