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Make smart choices about your money, time and productivity

Jul 25, 2016

#35: Carrie Smith enjoyed her full-time accounting job, but she wanted to make extra money on the side. Who doesn't, right?

She landed a second job in a tax office, working 9-to-5 for one employer and 5-to-9 for the other.

She earned decent money, but her schedule had no flexibility ... and she felt unhappy. 

This needs to change, she realized. I need to make good money while also enjoying my lifestyle.

Even though she had zero experience as a writer, she wondered if she could leverage her skills as an accountant into a new, creative field. She volunteered to write one or two tax planning articles for a client, just to test the waters. She enjoyed the work. She wanted more. 

She started reaching out to websites and companies that might need tax-related article writing. She landed her first major client, Yahoo Finance. Then another. Then another. 

After a few years, her freelance business grew large enough that she quit her comfortable accounting job. She's her own boss now. 

In this episode, Carrie tells her story and offers advice for anyone who wants to earn extra money as a freelancer -- whether its a side hustle or a path towards quitting your 9-to-5 day job.


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